Monday, December 8, 2014

Musical Weekend

Good day! I know it's been a while since I've updated and I apologize for that. It's amazing how busy this time of year can be...

Anyway, I just want to make an update for myself as a snapshot in history as well as to share my life with you, gentle reader.

I took Friday off to be with Vanessa and we wound up getting massages at the recommendation of our doctor. Well, it was recommended for Vanessa - I just took advantage of the opportunity as I had never had one. Oh. My. Gosh! I was more relaxed after that than I have been in a while! I'm sold now. :-)

Friday night we visited some friends from Centerville (they invite us up to stay whenever I'm booked for the Grinders Switch Radio Hour) and stayed up late picking and singing with Robert, Terri & their special guest Dan, who is a third VERY close and dear friend to us as well.

Saturday morning Vanessa and I got to the studio and I got to pick a little with the early members of the band. Always fun. :-) Then the show started and when it was time for the "special guest" I played three original songs for the crowd. After the commercial break I did four more songs with the band. Vanessa made a video of Wagonwheel and I will be posting it to YouTube very soon. This is one of the BEST bands I have EVERY played with, and I've played with a ton of musicians!

 Grinders Switch Radio Hour

Mom and Tammy made it to the show and we had some great barbecue just down the road afterward. Southern Way - fried cornbread with fresh pulled pork on it and then covered with baked beans. In the words of Jerry Clower - 'haaaaaa!' :-)

Robert, Terri, Dan, mom & Tammy joined us for lunch so we had a great time there as well! We talked about "hair" and loblollies and various other "satchel" things and just had a big ole time!

Vanessa and I drove to Dickson to do some shopping and ran into an old friend there! I see him every week on as we game, but not in person that often. It was great seeing Craig there!

Saturday night we pulled into Henderson Family Dance for round three of music. :-) Using the bass this time we played and sang for the dance crowd. Mom and Tammy came up for that and brought our nephews Will and Wes. Will danced EVERY dance!

Sunday night we made it back to our home church and I had the bass in hand again... My buddy and fellow bluegrass musician James Wallace (you've seen his picking on several YouTube videos I've posted) had asked me to play bass for him and some friends while they did some gospel numbers. I took my guitar and banjo in hopes of some jamming before or after, but that didn't materialize. Vanessa and I did do a couple of songs for her mom and some friends after supper though.

All in all a great weekend of music but more importantly a great three days of spending some special time with my soul mate, both in the company of and absence of special friends and family. :-) I love you babe!

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