Tuesday, February 10, 2015

heard it on a podcast

I've been a fan of Thrilling Adventure Hour for a long time now (you're welcome Devin) and a recent episode was a "crossover" with the show Wits. It was VERY enjoyable and I decided to check out Wits as it has its own podcast. I just listened to an episode this morning while driving to work that has Patton Oswalt and Ben Lee.

Patton is funny, as usual. No surprise there. Ben Lee was being introduced as an Australian musician and they were talking about some of the awards. The host, John Moe, also asked him about being on the Australian version of The Voice.

Now let me stop here and say that I do NOT like reality TV. It's just not something I care for. I watch Walking Dead, Flash, Agents of SHIELD, Star Wars Rebels (of course) - things that are as far from reality as you can get. :-) I watch them to be entertained, and watching people "perform" on a reality show showcasing the next hot young thing is not my idea of entertainment, but I digress...

Ben said he was a "coach" - not one of the "chair dudes" but someone that worked with the performers between shows. He said something VERY profound that stuck with me. (rewinding so I get this right...)

Okay - "mentor" - the "industry insider" for one of the coaches. He said he loved the opportunity to "get on a stage where people were sort of, even if just from their own minds being pressured to sort of conform and pander and play the game, and I would just get up there and say 'look, you're probably going to lose this and even if you win that is no guarantee of any type of success. We've watched enough reality shows but what you do have, 10% of Australia watches The Voice means two million people. You have two and a half minutes to stand on a stage in front of two and a half million people. What you need to do is get out of the competition, forget about that whole thing and just shine your authenticity of what you are and just radiate whatever kind of weird freaky energy you've got. Be it and it will draw events towards it. The next chapter of your life will be written by you being authentic.'"

I think that's some pretty good advice! Will it get you success as defined by others? Maybe - maybe not. Will it let you have success and feel good about yourself? That you're not a "sell out?" That you're being true to YOU? Absolutely!

Does this have anything to do with yesterday's blog? Maybe... :-)

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