Sunday, October 26, 2014

Song Club - continued

Typing on 9/23/14...

Adam Levy has taught me a great deal about songwriting and "opening up." He has given me several methods or "tricks," if you will, to help me with my writing. One of these is a writing prompt.

Some time ago he invited me into his exclusive club called Song Club. Each week he would give a topic or phrase and you had to include that in your song. I wasn't as diligent as I should have been and there were weeks that went by where I didn't follow through, but the weeks I did? WOW! The creative juices flowed freely and the words just came from nowhere! (I know they came from God and from within and from my life experiences, but you get the idea)

I could give you some examples, and I'm happy to do that, but I'm hesitant to tell where all my song ideas come from for fear of it making them less "personal" or less interesting. :-) Just know that if I ever share with you where the ORIGINAL idea for a song came from it doesn't mean that I didn't put my own spin and my own life into it. The idea of the Song Club is a writing PROMPT - something to get the individual writer started down a path. It's still up to the writer to come out the other side with a song.

So Adam took a hiatus from this and he turned me onto another one. Same thing - I didn't take part every week, but the weeks I did I was VERY pleased. I had even thought of starting one of my own but didn't get much response so never followed through. Well this morning on the drive in I decided I AM going to do this, and if you're a writer that is interested in this let me know!

To go over some specifics, there is NO COST and you still own the song when you are done. This is for us as songwriters to get our juices flowing and get a song. You don't owe me or the other members a thing, but you will feel better about yourself if you follow through every week.

I will get doe details together over the next couple of weeks and get this started soon. No, that's not another "when I get around to it" thing. I'm just trying to decide the best time to start. I had originally thought about January 1 and let it be a weekly thing for the year 2015, but then decided that's too long to wait... I need this for me. :-)

So I thought about October 1 - but that might be too fast to get this going. I don't want people thinking they are coming in late if they want to be in on the first one. :-)

So - what's your thoughts? This blog entry should post before October 1st, so what's your preference?

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