Wednesday, January 15, 2014

several days of writing

Okay - a quick update from the last post...

Three more songs under my belt! Steve and I collaborated on a new twist to "Grandpa Said" - it's up on YouTube now -

Jed and I finished another one - Don't Let the Weeds Outgrow the Rose -

And Jed and I have done 99% of the work on another one - What Went Wrong - it's not online yet, as there's still a bit of tweaking and testing we wanted to do. I brought it out last night for James and we played through it a few times. Fits the bluegrass style we are playing. Look for it in the next few days...

The one Gary and I are going to work on is still sitting untouched, but it's in the queue. I also had another writer contact me via Jed. He sent me a couple of "poetic lyric sheets" and I'm excited to be working with him as well.

I have a live co-writing session planned for tomorrow night... I had a local performer contact me via Facebook and wanted to get together and do some writing. Seems the drummer on Saturday night had good things to say about me and my writing. High hopes for this one!

Randy - I wanted you to know that I've tried to keep what you said in mind... Saturday was not a "writing day" but I know that my writing is a culmination of years and years of musical experience, so I put in another night of musical experience. :-) I didn't do any originals Saturday night, but I did do a couple of "non-standard" covers that you don't normally hear, plus a duet that Vanessa and I heard Saturday morning. We worked it up and performed it Saturday night as well.

Sunday I did some writing. Monday I did some writing. Tuesday I practiced bluegrass and pulled out TWO of the new ones. Today I listened to the podcast and got some nuggets, plus made some contacts.

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