Wednesday, January 22, 2014

musical update

Still don't have the home demo of What Went Wrong done... Been a busy few days...

Had the co-writing session last Thursday with Dustin Hamlin. Went great! We didn't get a song "finished," but we go to know each other, shared some background, talked some things through, etc.

I did get a verse done on the one Gary and I had started working on... I did that while waiting for Dustin, but haven't gone back to it.

Friday night we went out to eat with Colton and Tiffani. No music, but had a great time with the kids and then Vanessa and I watched "Burn Notice" into the night. :-)

Vanessa drove Saturday on the way to Jackson and I took my little guitar. We worked on "Miracle in Me" and some other stuff. That's still a blog post I need to write... Saturday night we were back in Hornbeak and we had a great time! Vanessa and I did "You Ain't Dolly" again, and I brought out a new song for an old friend - "I'll Sail My Ship Alone." Glad you liked it Bill!

Sunday morning we visited at Archer's Chapel and worshipped with The Dills. They are some DEAR old friends of ours and we love spending time with them. They invited us to eat lunch with them in Humboldt, so we did - and continued the fellowship. Love you guys! (and girls)

Monday was a holiday so we stayed around the house most of the day... Just had a good "day off." :-)

Back at work Tuesday, but no bluegrass Tuesday night. Ms. Robbie at Boot Scoot in Hornbeak had asked me to fill in on Lead Guitar for Larry Frye. She's trying out another night to try and help build the business. Was the first time I've gotten to "pick" (other than bluegrass) in a while and had a GREAT time! Got to sing a few as well, and that's always fun...

He asked me to come back on January 31st when they are going to try a Friday night... Come on out!

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