Wednesday, April 17, 2013

new CD project

I promised the what why & how... :-)

What I'm doing - recording a CD.

Why - though my music is available via ReverbNation (note to self - I need to get SoundCloud updated with the newer material...), I have people that ask for a CD. Plus when I play somewhere it's a common question. Not everyone is on the Internet and not everyone downloads music. There are even people that prefer something they can hold, plus people still use CD's in the car, etc.

Then there's the times that I would like to submit songs to a publisher or artist for consideration. Though some will take a download link, there are others that NEED a physical copy so they can play it at a meeting or share it with someone else, etc.

How - I'm recording via GarageBand on a Mac laptop using a Snowball microphone. I am trying to recreate what you'll hear if you come to one of my shows. It's me and an acoustic guitar and not a studio full of musicians. You will hear some minor overdubbing (I'll add some "picking" or acoustic bass - occasionally mandolin to a song, but still very much acoustic) to add some depth, but the intention is for someone to be able to "take home" what they experience live.

Now let me clarify something here... I'm not knocking those that choose to go into a studio and do the full blown "Nashville CD." That's great and I think it has a place, but my primary 'show' is an acoustic one. If you come to a house concert or a songwriter's round or even an open mic, you're going to hear me do an original song with as much feeling as possible put into it. The accompaniment will be my acoustic guitar. If you like the songs and want to hear them again, or to hear other songs of mine, I want you to be able to take a CD and pop it in the car on the drive home and continue the experience. If instead you hear drums and a steel guitar, it's not the same show...

And the converse is true as well... How many times have you heard a song on the radio or the CD over and over and it's hooked into your brain, then you go hear that performer live. It's just not the same thing... First, the studio musicians are NOT the same musicians you see on stage with the performer, so the feel is going to be different. Second, studio tracks are generally poured over and over and processed and tweaked to the point that they are as close to perfect as you can get. We all know live music is far from perfect, but to me that's part of the charm.

So again, I want you to be able to have heard me from a friend's CD and then when you come to a show you're not shocked or disappointed by what you hear. Instead of your first impression being, "this isn't what I heard" I want your first impression to be, "wow - this is so much cooler in person." :-)

I have a couple of tracks already "fleshed out" from when I first recorded them, and I recorded Lower Broadway again last night and added a "picking" acoustic as well as an acoustic bass. I'm going to do at least a 6 song EP and I plan to have it ready when Relay for Life comes around in just over a week. I'm happy to mail one to you - just contact me at any of the methods below. And of course I can take PayPal and I also have a square reader if you want to use a credit card.

One last thing - I'm WAY overdue for a StageIt appearance, but I want to do it at a time that the majority of my friends can attend. Please let me know if you're willing to "attend" and what the best night of the week is for you...

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