Monday, May 13, 2013

soul searching

Good morning!

I know, I know - first post in way too long. I've had two specific topics I've wanted to write about, but haven't been able to sit down and commit. :-)

First - look for an upcoming post that will be my "feedback" to Episode 13 of the Commercial Suicide Songwriting Podcast. One of my songs is played as the listener submission, but there are also other items there I want to comment on.

Second - It's just over a week till the first Songwriters Open Mic in Dyersburg! Hope you can make plans to attend!

Third - I did a little soul searching over the weekend... Music is such a large part of my life now, and I really wish it could be the "day job," but as I've commented to people before, "I'm addicted to having insurance." :-)

That being said, I have been thinking about the next steps and what needs to be done. I'd ask for your prayers in that regard that I do what's pleasing to Him.

Fourth - some of you may know that I used to publish a podcast on the topic of Car Wars (an old game by Steve Jackson Games). I've missed doing podcasts, but didn't want to spend the time on that when I could be writing or making music, so I've decided to do a podcast on songwriting and songwriters. It is in pre-production now and will be called Musical Minds. I intend to feature other "unknowns" as well.

Lastly - I've rediscovered BBS's. If this is something you have to Google to learn what it is, don't worry. It either means you're not the geek that some of us are or you're just too young. :-)

I downloaded a Telnet client call SyncTerm and have been enjoying reading and posting on some echonets as well as playing Global War (it's a Risk clone that's played on the BBS).

One sysop even encouraged me to upload some original music, so I put Lower Broadway on his board. You can hit it via web browser at

If you drop in, tell the sysop I sent you! :-)

That's it for now - just a little catch up...


Deb Anderson said...


If you don't know what this means either, you're not the geek that some of us are or you're just too young. :-)

Looking forward to your songwriting podcast, baby brother!

Greg Youngblood said...
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Greg Youngblood said...

Hello Jimmy

Very nice site, a real joy to move around in and enjoy reading. I wish you nothing but the very best luck!

Also anyone interested feel free to come by After Hours BBS you'll find out what (sysop) means and you may even learn to love what was long before the Internet a BBS Community! or for even more fun telent to the Bulletin Board Service telent://

Thanks again, Jimmy

jimmylogan said...

Thanks sis! Still in the planning stage, but getting closer. ;-)

And I'll vouch for Gary - stop by and check it out! And we need more Global War players. ;-) It's a "Risk" style game.

silverpain said...

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