Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Validation - part 2 of 3

Part 2 of 3

Later in the show, Steve and Marie talk about the song evaluation service offered by NSAI. I joined for one reason and one reason only - to be able to audition at Bluebird and somehow be discovered there. If you live more than 100 miles from Nashville they will not let you audition unless you're a member. They say it's to make sure you are committed to your practice, etc. That may be the case, but it's also a way of getting dues paying members.

One of the "benefits," and I use that term loosely, to being a member is their song evaluation service. I sent in Lower Broadway -  - and the evaluator said it was too long (I know that - it's built in such a way you can cut out the last verse and/or a chorus refrain and it will still "work") for commercial radio and that none on the radio today would sing it because it's too sad. He suggested I put SOMETHING positive in there so it's not so sad. The purpose of the song is to be "real"and I think sad is the way to go. I've performed this song in public and it ALWAYS gets a great response, and I've had other artists come up to me and talk about how "authentic" the song is. That's a better evaluation to me anyway. :)

I was hoping the eval service would lead to what they call "pitch to publisher." They say that if the song is "ready" it will go higher up the food chain, and I had hoped this song would be recommended. I realized that unless it's something THEY like it would never go further, so I decided not to use the service. Once I had auditioned at Bluebird the third and fourth time and nailed it in my opinion, I realized I'm too "traditional" and I'll never be what THEY are looking for. I realized I had some "free" evals left, though, and I was going to lose them anyway so I sent in a few songs. I pretty well got back what I was expecting. One even told me, "this is not country - this is Americana." I took that as a complement. :-)

Back to Craig - one quote I loved - "it's all about the journey." He mentions that you MUST excite yourself with your own songwriting. If you're not excited by it, how is the world going to? He also said , "life is obstacles - are you focused on your goals or on your obstacles?" That's an encouraging reminder.

Come back tomorrow for Part 3...

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