Saturday, March 2, 2013

Walking it...

This is a response to a tweet by my social media friend Adam Levy... He linked to a tumbler post and my reply would have been more than 140 characters, so I thought I'd just post it here...

First - the original tweet -

@stringjuggler: Guitar Tip: Walk it like you talk it. - When I improvise, I'm not looking to impress anyone, or to outplay...

Be sure to follow the link - I will wait. :-)

Okay - done? I have actually noticed this phenomena when working on lead instrumentals. The arrangement fits so well that you think you are hearing the lead Instrament play more than they really are.

This tip encourages me to NOT try and fill all the spaces. I played rhythm guitar and then bass guitar so much that I think I have to "hit every note" or "fill every gap" when really I don't have to.

Thanks Adam! All your tips are great but this one hits home a little closer... ;-)

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