Wednesday, March 13, 2013


I attended the meeting of MSA last night - Memphis Songwriters Association. I was encouraged.

This may not be what you think, so keep reading...

Yes, I did a song (Hometown Proud - Vanessa has the video on her phone) and received GREAT feedback, so that was an encouragement, but the bigger encouragement I felt was just being around music and other songwriters for a change!

The guest speaker plugged in his guitar and started talking about himself and his career in music. This was interesting, but then he popped on a capo and started playing a chord progression.

Next thing I know I'm hearing REAL music played by a live person singing words that he wrote and I was surrounded by other people that were LISTENING. It was NOT just background noise - it was the reason we were all there.

Why is this an encouragement? Since Music Highway Crossroads closed for winter renovation, there has been no "listening room" place for me to go. It was a refreshing change and it was encouragement to me to continue licking this dream.

Last week we had our Relay for Life fund raiser and it was fun and a great cause, but the music was more background static for MOST people there. Not me, of course. Even when I wasn't in front of the mic I was taking it all in, but it just wasn't the same.

Thus also encourages me to be more diligent about finding a place in Dyersburg to have a singer/songwriter event. The venue I had in mind and was working on using fell through for now. The owner still WANTS to, but the logistics are not working out. Before last night I was thinking "oh well - maybe someday." Not now... I WILL find a place to have it (I have a particular venue in mind - just have to follow up). I will let you know...

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