Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Another Twitter Response

I have another twitter post I'd like to respond to, but this will take more than 140 characters, so I'm posting here...

Here's the tweet -

@SongwritersCafe: If you believe you never write bad songs, it might be that you need someone with a more objective opinion. #songwriting

My response - bad? That's a strong word. Maybe not every song is an instant radio hit, but I dare say that each and every song that's rolls off the tongue or guitar or keyboard can have a PURPOSE.

They may not be "golden words," but they might be a self-therapy. They might be something emotional to one person or family. They might be something the songwriter has never done before and it's an attempt to stretch out in a new style or rhyming scheme.

So a "bad" song? No. You might write what I would call a bad song but Britt is in the eye of the beholder...

Keep writing - I know I will. :-)

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