Thursday, July 19, 2012

Fitting In

I played a gig at a little cafe last Friday night and really felt "on my game." I had several people come by just because I was going to be there, so that felt good too. It's a "play for tips" place and the tips weren't bad either. All in all, I thought it was a good night. :-) Until the call today...

The cafe owner cancelled the gig booked for later this month. Turns out my style was a little too "traditional." I kinda felt like Hank Williams, Jr. :-) The regular "entertainment" they have is more subdued and more like muzak than an authentic performance.

Now, does this get me down? Not at all! Earlier that week I played a set at Commodore Grille and had a GREAT response. The night after that gig I played a songwriter's night at Ripley. Again, GREAT response, plus some words of encouragement from someone who speaks few words, so when he does you better listen.

So - what did I learn from this? That I truly do have a "style" that is developing, and that this style will not be what everyone is looking for, but for those that do like it... Well, they REALLY like it. :-)

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Tammy Jones said...

Keep on Keeping on....Elvis was told he would never make it!!!!

Love you and see you at the next show!!!!