Saturday, August 25, 2012

upcoming shows

Hey folks! Just a quick update to let you know what's coming up in the near future...

First - I'm still posting my schedule over on Reverb Nation at

and of course if you follow me on Twitter - @jimmylogan or if we're friends on Facebook - Jimmy Anderson then you'll see my mentions of shows up to the showtime, and sometimes pictures from the shows. :-)

Okay - I've been uploading more and more videos to my YouTube channel -

I've uploaded a few covers, but mostly I've been posting my original songs, including one I just wrote last night and uploaded this morning.

As for upcoming things, tomorrow morning I will be auditioning at Bluebird Cafe again. This will be my third time and I'm feeling VERY good about it! I feel closer to "the truth" the last time, and I'm even more confident now about both the song and my talent. Wish me luck! :-)

This Thursday night, the 30th, I'll be performing at Lupo's for a Lion's Club benefit. They will be getting a portion of the food sales and of course ALL of my tips for the night will be donated. I'll also donate a portion of my merch sales for the night.

The Dyer County Fair begins Labor Day, and I'll be performing for Senior Citizens Day on Thursday, September 6 at "The Back Porch Stage." I'm scheduled to play from 11 AM until noon. Senior Citizens get in free - others can visit the show with only a $5 admission at the gate.

I'll return to the Fair on Friday Night, September 7. I'm scheduled to have the stage from 6 PM till 9 PM - same one as above - The Back Porch Stage in Sorgum Valley. Gate admission is $8.

My next StageIt show is on September 13th at 7 PM. It's also a benefit and all proceeds will go to Playing for Change music foundation. The show link is

As of today I'm scheduled to return to Commodore Grill on September 18th, but stay tuned... I'm working with the promotor to have a longer show with me as a featured performer and will be sometime in November...

On October 6th, I'll be playing at the Friendship Street Festival. There will be a talent show before the full band comes on and I'll be performing in exhibition while the judges do their thing. I'm looking forward to returning to one of the places I first played out in public and bringing my own songs to the street.

Well that's it for now! Thanks for ALL your support!


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