Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Year !!!

I didn't write in my blog yesterday because I was doing a different type of writing... I awoke yesterday to a quiet house and decided to pull out some notes from a previous attempt at writing a song. I am so very glad that I now write down my ideas as they happen and I don't throw anything away. :-)

I pulled out a song that started from an exercise that Adam Levy mentioned in his blog post that I quoted before. This was the exercise where you take a picture and just write all you can about it. Well the picture was a pairing in a co-workers office. It was a barn with a stump in the foreground. This intrigued me, so I started making notes. I ended up taking a picture of it with my phone so I'd be able to refer back to it.

Anyway, I had some ideas, but my subconscious took it another direction. I sat down several weeks ago and tried to write the song, but I couldn't really "finish" it, you know? That was the night I stopped working on it and went back to my "Paradise Exercise" and finished that song about daddy.

So anyway, I "finish" the song yesterday, then go to my notes. The very first (hence oldest) note that had not been acted on turned into a fast write of a simple 3/4 time bluegrass tune. It's one of those that I don't see being a "hit" on the radio (wrong genre, wrong hook, etc.) but I can see it being played around a jam circle where different people take turns with the musical breaks. Very "classic bluegrass" in that sense. :-)

So that's why I didn't blog yesterday. This morning, though, I'd like to say Happy New Year to all my friends out there! I pray that this year is the VERY best one so far for you!!!

By the way, do you do resolutions? I don't technically do "new year's resolutions." I think that ANYTIME you decide to do something better with your life that it's okay to do it right then - you don't have to wait till January 1. But, I also know that some people need a trigger, and if the first day of the year is that trigger then good luck and more power to you. ;-)

So, that being said, I still intend to do more with my music this year - to move to the "next level," whatever that may be... Last night I successfully sat in with another group and played bass and sang a few songs. It was a "new years eve" gig so it was VERY late when it was over and very late when I got home. I do NOT want to do that every week... :-)

But anyway, it felt good to be able to sit in and play and not be lost. :-) It helped to reinforce my confidence and give me the push to keep doing more. Also - I'm planning to look into doing more "home town" gigs in an acoustic sense. We had a steak at Dusty Joe's yesterday and I asked them if they ever had live music. The waitress said they had had a band just the night before, so I left my card for her to give the owners...

That's all for now...

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