Monday, January 2, 2012

another songwriting contest

I'm planning to ask you, gentle reader, for your help on this one... Seems Martin Guitar Company is giving away a very nice D-28 to the winner of a songwriting contest. I'll share a link below to the full rules, but the short story is that it must be an ORIGINAL song posted to YouTube and using the lyric "lifespan" somewhere inside. The top three videos per viewer vote will go into the finals.

First - I'd like to win, just because I'm always happy to win a $3,000 MSRP guitar. :-) I've never owned a Martin before...

Second - I see it as a challenge, and I've already started on my song. I have the 'hook' - I just have to finish it and get it posted.

Here's the link -

I'll post again when my video is live and you can vote on it. :-)

Also - just a quick note - I took my old Alvarez into the shop today... The guy in Dyersburg made me a good price for the repair, and he says he's done similar repairs, so I took it to him... Keeping my fingers crossed...

Yes, I was going to do it myself, and I'd still like to say that I did, but at this point I'd rather know it's done "correct" than to just say that I did it myself.

Good night all!

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