Tuesday, January 3, 2012

contest entered

Okay - I finished the song at lunch today at my favorite writing spot - a booth at Pizza Hut. :-)

As I said yesterday, I had the hook and I had a ton of notes. Today I looked back over them and kinda "saw something..." I really have no way of explaining it - it just happened.

Anyway, I finished the song and even had the tune. I grabbed my iPhone and mumbled the song into the voice recorder so I wouldn't lose the tune to it. :-) When I got home I worked on the key and the timing and such, and even tweaked the words a bit. I recorded it simply with PhotoBooth on a MacBook Air - nothing fancy. It's sitting on YouTube now waiting on Martin to add it officially to the site.

At that point, I'll be asking you to vote for my video. Thank you in advance. :-)

This post is more than just about that though... I also had two other things music related happen today... First, I noticed after I'd practiced the song and then recorded it that I even sound to myself after the fact that I was putting everything into it... I realized that I really DO "feel" the words. The song was inspired by the contest, but I didn't write a Martin advertisement at all... I wrote a song that I would want to hear. That's something that Don Schlitz told me last week at the Bluebird - "write what you want to hear."

Speaking of Bluebird Cafe - that's the other thing I wanted to mention. I kinda got goose bumps this morning when I got their email newsletter... They only have auditions a few times a year for their Sunday writer's night. They announced that they'll be taking registration on January 20 and then the audition will be on a Sunday in February. I'm going to go online FIRST THING after the window opens and try my best to get in line for an audition... I have about five songs that I would feel comfortable performing for others, and I plan to have several more by the time February gets here. :-)

I'll keep you posted... Thanks for reading!

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