Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Guitar Restoration Kit

While getting stuff ready for our trip to Gen Con, we listed the clothes we need to take... The games to box up... What toiletries we need... I offered to bring new guitar strings to Kyle for his Fender acoustic and/or his Kustom electric. I also offered to do a full "polish and restore" on them. He said sure.

So, in case you're wondering, here's what I packed...

The pic above shows the Car Wax for polishing, the paint brush for cleaning off steel wool, my Ernie Ball string winder (battery powered) that Vanessa and the kids gave me for fathers day a couple of years ago (wow - what a time saver!), 0000 steel wool, blue painters tape and boiled linseed oil.

The pic above shows some various small tools I use - flashlight, mirror on a stick, 10mm ratchet (for tightening nuts around the tuning pegs), extra socket for larger bass tuning nuts and two small screwdrivers for the screws on the pegs themselves. I threw in some business cards so I'd have more with me and of course Fender 9's for the electric guitar and Martin SP's for the acoustic. (yes - these are the same strings I put on my Gretch and Takamine last week.

After snapping the first two pics, I realized I left out three things... First, an old white T-Shirt for applying the car wax. Second, a string winder on the left. This particular one has a snipper built into it. The last thing, on the right, is a tripod of sorts that holds the neck at a good position.

I have taken other people's guitars and "renew" them too! Contact me if you'd like me to do this for you... I'll supply the strings and of course the polish and so forth.

Wish us Godspeed on our travels!

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