Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Happy New Year


I came to a realization a couple of nights ago that I wanted to share and document...

For a while, I've had a few things on my eBay notification list. First, Franklin guitar straps. They are the best, IMHO, and I've picked up some bargains keeping it on my watch list.

The other consistent thing has been "Indy Custom" guitars. At the FLMS (friendly local music store), he carries Indiana guitars. Sometime last year, I can't remember when, he got in some limited run "Indy Custom Shop" guitars. He had some Strat copies and some Tele copies. He had two Seafoam Green Tele copies and one of these had been "set up" professionally. I swear you couldn't tell the difference between it and a USA Fender. I was VERY impressed. He finally offered it to me for $300 even, but I just couldn't justify it - too many other expenses and I don't technically NEED it.

Soon after I was looking around on the Internet and a guy had one just like in out of state. It was on eBay. It didn't sell, so he reposted and dropped the price. Three times. I finally offered him $125 shipped and the least he would take was $125 PLUS shipping. Why didn't I go ahead and pay the extra? It had a BAD ding on it at the body where you would naturally look "down" while playing and see it. And I should say gouge because it was more than a ding...

Anyway, I thought I'd start a notification on eBay in case a "deal too good to pass up" came up. The email two nights ago had this -

Indy Custom ICLE Tele-Style Rosewood Electric Guitar with case - Limited Edition

I thought - "wow - that's better looking than the Seafoam Green! - looks like my Gretsch." Then it hit me... I was chasing a guitar that I already had... Since I don't play lead on a normal basis, I don't NEED this item, and when I look at that one and I think, "it looks almost as good as my Gretsch..." Well... You get the idea. :-)

I do have three things on my "wish list" though to fill in some gaps. One is something that, like another electric guitar, is not something practical right now. A pedal steel guitar. Not only are they expensive (and I have other things I NEED to spend money on - food, shelter, clothing), it's something I'd have to get good at before I could even play it out somewhere. I have confidence I COULD do it, but it's just not something you throw in the car and take to a jam session. :-)

Item number two is "just because I want one." My long time friend Bobby Jack Stallcup has an Alvarez Guitar VERY similar to my old one (my first guitar) with two major exceptions... One, it does NOT have any kind of pickup or electronics. Two, it has nine strings. Yep - nine! The top three are 'normal' like on a 6-string and the bottom three are doubled like on a 12-string. Again, not completely practical, but would be a nice item to add to my acoustic collection.

The third item is something I could pop on Amazon right now and order if I wanted, but just haven't done so... A G7th brand capo. Here's a link -

G7th Performance Capo (Six String, Silver)

You know, that's a little over half the price they were just a few months ago!

Anyway, that's something I've always wanted to try. I have used Kyser capos for years, as you can change their position SUPER fast, but the G7th is supposedly a better product.

So that's my update. Hope to see you down the road!


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