Thursday, September 3, 2015


We just had our 29th Anniversary last Saturday. We took a trip to Gatlinburg and made it into a belated honeymoon of sorts.

We stayed at a one bedroom - VERY private - VERY secluded chalet UP the mountain on the edge of the National Park. We made memories as well as talking about old ones.

Here's the pic we did - a traditional honeymoon 'old time photo' thing -

Now for what prompted this post (other than I've fallen behind again on getting my blog posts regular)...

Following is a screen shot of a geocache that we did in Arkansas. That was another day for making memories! We enjoy our road trips together and we used to do a lot of 'caching - 

The page is at if you're interested. The cache has been archived, but it doesn't kill our memories. :-)

Here are the pics that we had attached - when I saw these this is what made me smile. :-)

I miss those days - but I miss the road trips and spending time together, not just the geocaching. :-)

Love you babe!!!

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