Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Feeling Blessed

I don't usually "slap out a quick" blogpost, but this morning as I get ready for work I realize how blessed I truly am! I started my Kickstarter project for my first CD just two nights ago. In just over 24 hours my goal of $500 was reached. This morning it has been surpassed - and still has 25 days to go! If that doesn't make you feel blessed nothing will!

Add to that the bluegrass picking last night... My, James and Steve met and picked for a few hours, told jokes, etc. I played the banjo the whole time and though I didn't technically learn any "new songs" I did actually PICK a couple of the songs I've only been able to "play" before. That felt good.

While we're picking I get a Facebook message of another booking in May. Then I got word that Vanessa passed a big EMT exam! Another blessing!

Tonight I get to game with my oldest son online (Star Wars RPG). Tomorrow night Bare Basics has its first official practice. We have our setlist for May 17 - now we polish and shine. :-)

Again - I'm feeling blessed. :-)

Here's the link to my Kickstarter if you'd like to help out and get a copy of the CD mailed to you (plus a chance at other goodies... No one has taken me up on the house concert yet - that's something unique for sure!) -

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