Saturday, December 7, 2013

Star Wars Gaming

If you've been following this blog, you know it's mainly about my musical journey. You also know that my thoughts and feelings get "logged" here as well. And you further know that "gaming" as a hobby has made a big resurgence to me. It's the latter that I want to talk about right now...

It's been a big week for gaming for me! I hung around town Monday night and went to the FLGS and played TWO big games of X-Wing and had a blast! Tuesday night James couldn't meet to play music, so I went back and played an even bigger game of X-Wing! Wednesday saw a cancellation of our session, so I worked on a prominent NPC for our upcoming Edge of the Empire RPG.

Thursday night I was right back at the store and had two more games of X-Wing! After the game my opponent and I were talking and I mentioned Edge of the Empire and getting a campaign started with Kyle & Craig & Brent. He said that several from the store were interested, but no one had stepped up to GM it. I told him about us working up a campaign and I offered to run it.

I stopped by the store this afternoon and saw two other RPG'ers (they play Pathfinder on Monday nights). The first one is the GM on Mondays and he wants to play (and I'm prepared to GM) so he's in. Another guy was concerned about the time to "roll up" a character and all the die rolls and so forth. I gave him a VERY quick over view of how to build a character and now he's excited about it, so he's in. There are AT LEAST two others that I'm told are interested, but I haven't talked to them yet...

I've been posting on FFG's forums as well as d20radio's forums and there are several others that want to get in on a campaign, so I *MIGHT* be starting a third one online... I say MIGHT because it depends on the times that people can play.

Back to X-Wing as I close out this blog post. I played five games at the FLGS and only ONE game at home. At the store, we used 100 point squads, full tourney rules, etc. The one game at home last night was with Colton. I had shown him the game pieces before but this was his first time to try it out. He took Luke and R2-D2 and I tool two Academy Pilots and I taught him the basics. After about three minutes he was zipping through the turns. He finally pulled out a win with only ONE hull point left on his X-Wing.

After he and Tiffani had supper with us and they left to go home, I told Vanessa that was the simplest game of X-Wing I had played all week. It was just a basic duel, but it was also the most fun. Why? Because I got to play it with my son. :-)


Van said...

Always makes it better when it is with one of the guys huh?

jimmylogan said...

YES!!! It does! :-)